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Spa Consulting

and Operations

Spa Innovation

Comprehensive Services
The implementation of these services is guided by our commitment to assist spa owners in creating a profitable business and a positive and memorable experience for their guests.
Project Feasibility
  • Systems audit
  • Market research and analysis
  • Budget review and projection
Design & Planning
  • Space planning
  • Interior design
  • Site inspection
Programme Development
  • Spa services menu
  • Treatment planning and packaging
  • Recreational and fitness programme
  • Membership programme
Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Spa products, amenities and giftware
  • Spa equipment
  • Recreational and fitness equipment
Financial Planning
  • Operating budget
  • Margins and pricing
  • Financial projections
Human Resources
  • Organisational structure
  • Staff manning guide
  • Recruitment
  • Spa therapy
  • Frontline services and sales
  • Spa management
  • Personal coaching
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operations set-up
  • Operations manual
Sales & Marketing
  • Branding
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Public relations
  • Special events
  • Website design
Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Spa management
Spa Profitability

Needs Evaluation/Business Review

Your Needs Evaluation is completed in a scheduled telephone interview lasting approximately one hour. During this time, we write a clear statement of your objectives, whether it's turning around an existing business or commencing a project from scratch.

Site Assessments & Startup Assessments
For owners with a spa concept or business idea, we recommend a site assessment in which company professionals will:
  • Investigate the business idea relative to the marketplace and site;
  • Discuss a concept, operational characteristics and scope of work involved in set-up;
  • Give an unbiased verbal assessment of the feasibility of your business opportunity and its potential.
Existing Spa Business Assessments
In the case of an existing business, company professionals will conduct an on-site business evaluation from the point of view of:
  • Success and functioning of operating procedures;
  • Success relative to market position;
  • Future prospects for company following current and improved paths.
Business PlanningEven veteran spa owners and operators strain under the onslaught of daily information. With our experience in building and implementing business strategies for spas across North America and Europe, we can create customized tools for you. Proper spa business planning will help you refine your business objectives and increase your profitability.

Facility Development

Behind every winning spa is a combination of vision, determination and intelligence. Sound advice from spasindia.com. can help you align your business strategies with your guests' expectations to create a business that hums.
  • Therapeutic Programming: creating conceptually appropriate and effective therapeutic programs.
  • Spa Layout: Striking a healthy compromise between functionality, productivity and profitability.
  • Equipment/Product Selection: We can guide you through one of the most important selection processes in the development or expansion of your facility.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Let us help you meet the demands of your customer - so you can achieve sustainable, long-term growth.
  • Marketing: Effective and concise target marketing is vital. We provide useful systems to help you grow and strengthen your spa business
Sales Goals
Do you have a strategic business development philosophy? At what capacity is your facility operating? Is repeat business a bonus or the norm? We look at your needs, budget and demographics to help you improve the accuracy and size of your sales targets and plan effectively for realistic growth.
Coaching/TrainingCoaching: sharing our experience
Spa owners and operators can develop tunnel vision, focusing on working in the business rather than on the business. Our coaching program is ideal for owners and operators who are open to the knowledge of our years of experience. Concentrating on client retention, increased sales and improved services, our Coaching Program entails onsite visits or regular telephone calls at a time suitable to both parties. At the end of each session we give you specific tasks to work on until the next session, and along the way, keep tabs on your financial figures to monitor your progress, offering a short summary of the coaching call and steps remaining to be taken.
On-site training
We can train you and your staff in the following areas:
  • Technical spa protocols
  • Retail sales
  • Team building
  • Consistency of delivery
  • Motivation
  • Customer service
  • Quality systems
Our training events are customized to your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.


With an excellent track record in turning unprofitable spas into lucrative businesses via re-branding, training, improved systems and superior marketing techniques, SpasCanada.com has the experience and practical skills to help you elevate your venture to dramatic new levels of success.
Magazine SpasCanada.com has evolved from a quarterly print magazine that was founded in 2004. Called Spas Canada Magazine, its content was a combination of company news releases and original articles from industry leaders, and its charge was to be an information resource for senior level executives in the Spas/Hotel/Resort/Manufacturers & suppliers in industry.

In fact, it was the first publication of its kind to deliver news directly to this specific market. In 2005, feedback from our readers alerted us to the need for an environment without advertising or commercial bias in which industry leaders and professionals could share information. The Internet may have been just beginning, but we saw it's possibilities and created Spas Business Review, the first online publication for the Spa industry. What you see before you is the result of a year-long face lift for SpasCanada.com new website , brought on by the dramatic changes in Internet technology and pervasiveness.

In our 5 years of business, SpasCanada.com has amassed a huge volume of original and informative articles for the hospitality professional. Our online library contains thousands timely and resourceful articles which are accessible to our readers, and we are now a global resource for more than 30,000 readers every quarter. 

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